Contact Lenses

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At Georgetown Eye Associates, our goal is to provide all our patients with the best contact lenses and professional eyecare.

This philosophy also applies to our contact lens care. We use state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure accurate testing when measuring our patients for prescription contact lenses.

Using such a wide variety of prescription contact lenses helps us to fit the vast majority of our patients who would like to wear contact lenses. Our selection includes daily wear, monthly, bifocals for astigmatism and gas permeable lenses.

If you are a suitable candidate for prescription contact lenses, we will provide the following services:

Counseling as to your contact lens options based on the measurements taken as part of the contact lens examination.

Dispensing instructions from a contact lens assistant. You will receive instructions and practice regarding insertions and removal, cleaning and overall contact lens care.

An initial supply of contact lens solution. You will receive all the necessary solutions to get you started in the proper care of your contacts.

Follow-up evaluations for three months. We promise to take good care of you after you have your contacts. Our emphasis on proper follow-up care is what distinguishes us from other offices. We want you to like your contacts!

Already wear contact lenses but require a change?

The above services will be reduced to the appropriate amount.

In most cases, we provide diagnostic prescription contact lenses for you to try before purchasing contacts. This gives you peace of mind knowing you will enjoy the contacts that you purchase.

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