Contact Lenses

New to Contact Lenses

If you are interested in contact lenses you will need a contact lens fitting along with your regular eye exam. During the fitting, Dr. Huizenga will gather additional information and access whether you would be a candidate to wear contacts. Cornea, pupil, and iris measurements help Dr. Huizenga choose the proper curve and size that determine the type of contacts that would be best for you.

The health of your cornea will be evaluated using a biomicroscope which gives Dr. Huizenga a magnified view of the cornea. This helps him select the trial contact lenses that will provide you with comfort and your best corrected vision. The contact lens measurement will determine the contact lens power, base curve, and diameter. Once these measurements are taken, Dr. Huizenga will write up a prescription for a trial pair of contacts that best fits your prescription needs.

The patient will then attend a class where a contact lens technician will teach the patient how to insert, remove, and care for their contact lenses. There will also be two follow-up visits with Dr. Huizenga to access the fit, comfort, and vision of your new contact lenses and make any adjustments if needed.

Current contact lens wearers should have an annual contact lens exam so Dr. Huizenga can monitor the health of your eyes and determine your unique vision needs using the latest contact lens technology. So whether you are looking for daily, extended wear, astigmatism, or multifocal contact lenses, we will work with all major contact lens companies to meet your specific vision needs.

To place an order, or if you have any questions concerning contact lenses, please give our office a call! We would be glad to help you!

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