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Office Hours
MON:   8am - 8pm
TUE:    7am - 5pm
WED:   7am - 5pm
THUR:  7am - 5pm
FRI:      7am - 5pm
SAT:     7am - 11am
Closed 12:15 - 12:45 Tue - Fri
Drive-Thru Service
MON:   9am - 8pm
TUE:    9am - 5pm
WED:   9am - 5pm
THUR:  9am - 5pm
FRI:      9am - 5pm
SAT:     9am - 11am
Closed 12:15 - 12:45 Tue - Fri

We understand you are busy! So we provide the ultimate in convenience. Georgetown Eye Associates offers one of the only drive thru pick-up services in the area. With convenient hours & easy drive up service, you can pick up your glasses or contacts quickly & be on your way.

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